We will give you a practical understanding of the Hebrew language and take you all the way to fluency. Your confidence will improve as we train you in all four communication skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. You can study online anytime, anywhere. You can study in our centers or at home. So we canprovide four levels in our program:

Intermediate I
Intermediate II

Benefits of Group Hebrew Classes

More interaction

       Having the chance to interact with classmates is a great way to improve language development. You can join in on discussions, debates and get more practice speaking and listening.

Making friends
      You have the opportunity to make friends with your classmates, which is an added bonus to learning a new language. Improving your social connections will, in
turn, improve your language skills, as it will give you extra time to practice your Hebrew conversational skills.

Others might ask important questions
      When you are learning you will no doubt have questions, you want to ask but other students may ask questions you have not thought of. This allows you to expand your knowledge and gain useful information you might not have got otherwise. The questions and additional information from the other learners in class can add extra information that the instructor didn’t plan on teaching.

Less pressure
      Learning in a group can take the pressure off you as you are not the sole focus of the teacher. This can also give you more time to digest the information you are getting.

Biblical Hebrew

       G-d revealed his Word in the Hebrew Language, so, to study the Bible in all of its richness, you must learn Hebrew. It is our sincere desire to give you the right resources and an excellent method in your journey to learn Biblical Hebrew. Much time, effort and dedication will be necessary to successfully accomplish this goal. But, with a passion to grow closer to G-d through His written Word, this goal is absolutely possible.

Some important points:
. Since the Bible was originally written in Greek, learning biblical Hebrew will
get you as close to the original writings as possible.
. Learning biblical Hebrew can help you better exegete Scripture.
. For your personal spiritual growth and the Education development of your
. The New Testament was written in Greek but with a Hebrew mindset.