Master’s Degree of Theology


    The Or David Seminary offers students the opportunity to have a specialized program of study that leads to an enriched understanding of the breadth and depth of Jewish studies.This Master of Arts Program also focuses on Jewish culture and intellectual life from antiquity to the present.

     The program is aimed at students who seek to deepen their knowledge of the Jewish tradition and its many facets, and for those who would like to gain a solid and broad foundation from which to continue with more specialized post-graduate studies in the field.

   With the Hebrew courses included in the curriculum,the Or David Seminary offers students the opportunity to increase their linguistic and exegetical skills through sustained close and critical engagement with the Biblical texts and themes.

     Our Objectives

     Our program has a strong connection with areas like Archeology, History, Science and Biblical Languages.This program takes an interdisciplinary approach emphasizing organic, cause-and-effect relationships between biblical and ancient Near Eastern history discernable from archaeological, anthropological, and comparative literary inquiry, with the purpose of developing competent, biblically-grounded educators who are able to:

  • Investigate and demonstrate that ancient Near Eastern history and biblical history, properly understood, constitute the same reality.
  • Develop archaeological research and fieldwork skills to a significant level of competency.
  • Apply dialogical analysis in the interpretation and application of archaeological data vis-à-vis the Bible.
  • Interpret biblical narratives from ancient Near Eastern contexts, including material culture and literature.


  We are dedicated to providing you with an affordable and convenient education to help you reach your personal and ministry goals, preparing you to share your knowledge and skills with the World. Our Master’s degree consists of 25 distinct courses. See them below:

  1. Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics
  2. Historical Geography of the Land of the Bible
  3. History of Ancient Israel
  4. Egyptology                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
5. Archaeology of the Ancient Near East
  6. History of Judaism
  7..History of the First Temple Period
  8. Archaeology of Ancient Israel
  9. Archaeological Field Excavation Methods
  10. Archaeological Method and Theory
  11. History of Israel throughout the Centuries
  12. Old Testament Manuscripts
  13. Archaeology of the New Testament World
  14. History of the Second Temple Period
  15. The History of the Earlier Disciples of Yeshua
  16. Manuscripts of the New Testament 
  17. Texts of Qumran
  18. Greek Interpretation
  19. Hebrew Interpretation
  20.History of Philosophy and Worldviews
  21. Historical Perspective in Science and Religion
  22. Biblical Astronomy
  23. Creation and Evolution: The Bible, Science, and Worldviews
  24. Critical Thinking and Argumentation
  25. Education Science


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