Or David Theological Seminary offers a Bachelor’s Degree designed for those who seek aJewish studies program deeply infused by the ancient paths of the Scriptures, the Hebrew language andBiblical archaeology. Our program is aimed to introduce students to important Biblical principles and enable them to study Jewish texts in depth. It is also for those who want to enhance their Biblical knowledge and become conversant with the complex parts of the Bible.

     In this program offered by the Or David Theological Seminary, the students will be able to:

  • Gain a deeper appreciation of and for the Jewish tradition;
  • Engage with expert professors and students from diverse denominations;
  • Acquire basic proficiency  in Modern Hebrew; and,
  • Discover the rich heritage of Jewish belief and practice, thus living out a true theological experience within the community.

     It is highly recommended that students bring an open mind and spirit coupled with a willingness to draw upon their life experiences.

   This program develops a wide range of skills such as critical thinking, oral and written communication, and time management, in addition to linguistic ability, which will be beneficial for a wide range of careers.

   Or David Theological Seminary provides the student the opportunity to gain or enhance Biblical knowledge and to explore an area of interest related to the public, research or mission fields.

Policies and values that we want to communicate through the classroom and syllabus include:

  • Inclusiveness
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Expectations for success


​​​​​​​  Or David Theological Seminary’s cutting-edge professional school trains students to become trans-formative leaders. Our Bachelor’s degree consists of 25 distinct courses. See them below:


  1. Introduction to the Holy Scriptures
  2. The Torah/Pentateuch
  3.The Doctrine of the Messiah
  4. Old Testament Studies I – The Major and Minor Prophets.
  5. Old Testament Studies II – The Writings.
  6. Anthropology
  7. Spiritual Experience
  8. History of the World Religions
  9. Biblical Geography
  10. Biblical Archeology
  11. History of Israel
  12. Introduction into Hebrew
  13. Biblical Hermeneutics
  14. Hebrew Exegesis and Old Testament Introduction
  15. Hebrew Exegesis and New Testament Introduction
  16. Ecclesiology
  17. The Jewish Roots of the New Testament
  18. Introduction to Greek
  19. Aramaic in the First Century
  20. Eschatology
  21. Biblical Homiletics
  22. Pastoral Psychology
  23. Foundations of Leadership and Administration
  24. Philosophy of Religious Education                                               
​​​​​​​                                                                                                                                          25. Intercultural Studies and Outreaches

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