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   Or David is a seminary composed of students from several countries and various cultural backgrounds, all learning through a Jewish perspective, making our school a multidenominational, multinational  place to understand the Holy Scriptures.

   Our teachings are based on solid biblical foundations through a Jewish orientation, and provide students with a powerful method to deepen their knowledge of the bible that can only be gained from comprehension in its original languages.

   Our institution has been dedicated to the equipping of men and women for the Kingdom of God under the authority of the Scriptures based on their original writings. We seek to fulfill our commitment to ministry through graduate education, professional development, and spiritual formation.


   We are committed to the mission of developing, encouraging and increasing the collaborative peace-building efforts of many theologians, educators and students from several backgrounds, promoting multidimensional ground . Our seminary has become a bridge for many hungry and hurting people. This is a place for peace and understanding to grow. A spring of water for many to be restored.